CameraControl for AXIS App Reviews

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Whatever happened to “beta testing?”

Did up grade to both iPhone, & app. After upgrade I lost all camera IP addresses? I guess I should get new cameras too?! Bad roll out. Hank

Needs update!!!!!

I am getting messages on my iPad that this app will no longer work with future versions of iOS. This app needs to be updated!

Producer, Evergreen Films

Best integration with iPad UI of any IP camera control app. Controlling 12 Axis cameras (Q6035E, Q1604E, M144L, etc). The variety and flexibility of the PTZ controls is unmatched. Love it. Need Multicam support to view multiple panes rather than viewing one camera at a time.

Alright but...

I like the fact that you can choose different stream profiles but the options for resolutions is lacking. Needs groups and multiview support. The push notifications was the reason I got this app but the limit between the time you can send multiple notifications renders it useless. Needs iphone 5 support. The app has crashed on me several times on an iPad and iPhone. Both on 6.0.1. This app has potential just some minor changes need to be made to make it a great app.

OK axis camera viewer

So far no iOS6 / iPhone 5 update. AAC Audio not supported. No two way audio. No multiscreen view / layout.

Great App

Probably one of the best camera apps out there. Works every time. The connection profiles make switching resolutions a breeze. Make sure you do not have any spaces when defining PTZ presets or they will not work. Use underscore between two words.

Poor support for non HD cameras

After I paid for the pro version of this app I still use Netcamviewer for my camera. This app doesn't support properly VGA. Most of the latest IP cameras use computer grade resolutions VGA , SVGA, XGA not standard video. Also WiFi cameras have higher latency.

Best camera app

Would like to get email snap shot when motion triggers.

Works very well. Love the settings options.

We bought this for iPod and iPad. It works great over wifi. We can set the frame size and fps so we get good quality and smooth frame rate coming from our Axis cameras. We need audio support so we'll be anxtiously awaiting that addition. The setup of cameras using Bonjour is pretty good but could be just a little more automated as far as just automatically adding all the 'found' cameras instead of having to manually add them. But that's not a very big deal. This also has a 'full screen' type button that the competetors app doesn't have. I'm liking it and we're using it for our future business model. Audio support will make this app the perfect solution for Axis cams.

Great Axis Control Software

Great software for using and controlling Axis cameras. So far, it's the best app I've found for controlling a camera from my phone. Very responsive and easy to use.

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